Our Milestone


August 1999 StemCell Institute Inc.(SCI) established.
September 1999 The first unit of Cord blood stored.
September 2001 Paid-in capital increased to 115 million Yen.
October 2001 Completed refurbishment of Cell Processing Center (CPC) in
compliance with the government regulations, enacted April 1,
covering partial changes on Pharmaceutical Law’s regulatory guidelines.
January 2002 Opened Osaka Sales Office as a sales front base covering Kinki area
November 2002 Opened Fukuoka Sales Office to cover Kyushu area
June 2003 Opened Nagoya Sales Office
October 2003 Paid-in capital increased to 141 million Yen.
April 2004 Paid-in capital increased to 215 million Yen.
May 2004 Moved the headoffice and operation to a new location
December 2004 Paid-in capital increased to 334 million Yen.
May 2007 Transferred our cell storage facility to Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref.
July 2007 Recorded 10,000 units of Cord blood stored.
March 2008 Our stored cord blood unit used in the treatment for acute myeloblastic
leukemia (AML) in Kobe City, Hyogo Pref.
June 2008 Paid-in capital increased to 357 million Yen.
November 2008 SCI hosted the 6th APCBBC (Asia Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium)
annual meeting in Tokyo, Japan.
April 2009 Our stored cord blood unit used in the treatment for cerebral palsy at
Duke University, USA.
August 2010 Recorded 20,000 units of cord blood stored.
April 2011 ISO 9001 certification awarded to CPC.
August 2012 Completed Cell Cryopreservation Center (CCC),
one of the largest cell storage facilities in Japan.
September 2013 Nihon Trim Co., Ltd., listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange,
acquired 50.1% of the total shares issued by SCI,
making us a member of Nihon Trim Group.
October 2013 Recorded 30,000 units of cord blood stored.